Our Fees and Services


InternAbroad USA will help you get hired within the best company :
  • J-1 Visa eligibility check :“ The US Department of State” has established specific rules for obtaining the J-1 Visa. We ensure that you meet the imposed criteria.
  • 30 minutes interview with our team:We match your skills and expertise with companies of our database, and review them with you
  • Resume Tips & Advice: We adjust your resume to fit the US Marketplace : a good resume will catch better companies interest.
  • DIY Kit : All you need to find yourself the internship, prepare you for future job and interviews 
  • Interviews with US hiring managers:We connect you with American recruiters (through crossed agendas, Skype interviews). Full assistance until contract is signed.
                 49 EUROS : One time fee *
* Fee include as many interviews as needed with any company, non refundable and are due only when a first interview with a company is secured! This amount gives you access to any interview with companies as part of your search with Intern Abroad. 

Step 2 : Great ! You are going to America !

Our fees when contract is signed for a 4 to 18 months period
  • Negotiation of the salaryAll our internship offers are paid minimum $1,000/month and up, and can be renogaciated after 3 months.
  • Guarantee that the company is eligible for a J-1 Visa “The US Department of State” has established specific rules for the companies looking to hire J1 visa holders. We ensure that the company you join complies with the criteria imposed by US regulations.
  • Guarantee that your profile matches the criteria imposed by the US regulations.
  • Negotiation of the contract terms Arrival date, duration, benefits...
  • Drafting of the mandatory training plan (DS7002) for your visa applicationThis training plan is the essential element for the acceptance of your visa application. Our 15 years of experience allows us to ensure the quality and the conformity of this document with the J-1 visa requirements.
  • On-site visit to ensure good candidate welcome conditions We give you advice at any moment: file application to the sponsor, list of the documents to be submitted, appointment scheduling with the Embassy.
  • Assistance at every step of the visa process : We advise you at anytime : File application with the sponsor, lists of documents required, appointments at Embassy.
  • Guarantee of a quick and efficient process within 6 weeks : We strive to ensure the process does not exceed 6 weeks.
  • Tips to facilitate your expatriation : We give you a welcome leaflet. We connect you with candidates already in the US.
  • Review of your request to change employer In the event that your missions within the company do not comply with the training, we assist you in the process of finding a new employer
  • 24/7 assistance : Once there, our teams based in Miami and San Francisco are available should you have any questions.
800 - 1499,00  Internship
4 to 18 months**
  • 4 months = 800 Euros, 6 to 8 months = 1200 Euros, 9 to 18 months = 1499 Euros
  • ** Does not include visa + medical insurance